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Thread: Apache Log Question

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    Apache Log Question

    I found this in my logfile yesterday and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on it. - - [31/Aug/2004:10:21:04 -0400] "&\x063(\xd1.d\b\xdaiU\xefT\xf5%zQ\xa3\x96\xcbTv\x97e\xf0y\x82t=\x1d\xddI\xfa\xa8.\xd2\xad\x8b\x0c\x8b\xe4\xf8\xb2\xda:I\x91\x1a" 400 -

    It obviously came from someone on our LAN, but I'm not sure what it is ? The entry before and after this entry were normal, from the same machine, but this one was a little odd.

    I know who the person was and she has no intention,knowledge, need, want etc. to do anything malicious, but this was just a little concerning.

    Any ideas ?


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    Looks like some faulty client software sending a completely corrupt request.

    Are you sure something wasn't trying to connect to the HTTP server using a completely different protocol?


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    Agreed with slarty above...but I don't think it's a different protocol because you can connect to a web server in a number of ways, the two primary ways being telnet and a browser. Looks to be a corrupt packet or something, not sure. The 400 on the end results in apache sending the HTTP_BAD_REQUEST back to the client, so it didn't understand what was given to it and IMHO, responded accordingly.
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    It may be. She was testing one of our web apps that we have but this is the first time I have noticed it in the logs at all. She said she was getting some errors throughout the day, maybe this is something related.

    Thanks again.

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