Dear Comcast High-Speed Internet Customer,

As some of you may have noticed, Comcast recently raised the mail storage limit from 10MB per account to 250MB per account. Since Comcast provides up to 7 e-mail accounts, you are now getting 1.75GB of total e-mail storage. This storage is in addition to the 175MB of total Personal Web Page storage and unlimited photo storage through the Comcast Photo Center.

Coupled with this increase in storage, we have modified our deletion policy for e-mail. In order to assist mail users in keeping these larger mailboxes more manageable, Comcast will delete mail in your inbox that is unopened and unread after 60 days. We will never delete any messages that you have opened or any messages, opened or unopened, that you file in your personal folders. To see how to set up personal folders, please click here.

We have made these changes to meet your Broadband usage needs. We will be reviewing these policies throughout the rest of the year and will inform you of any future changes.

Thank you,

Comcast High-Speed Internet