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Thread: Stolen ISP Accounts

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    Stolen ISP Accounts

    If a malicious computer hacker like Kevin Mitnick were to break into my computer while using a stolen ISP account, would the phone company (or anyone) be able to trace the connection back to his address?

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    Hypothetically, yes. Given enough time and resources anyone/thing is tracable.
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    ISP or phone company(or govt. agency ) will be able to trace that address which he used when he hacked into your computer even if he used it for that much time only . so sirsub is right , address is traceable , person may not be :-)
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    Yes it is traceable. The thing is How important are you and would they take the time to trace it. Sometimes (from my past experiences) It seems that the companys dont really care tomuch about hackers. Other times they will follow though.

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    I don't understand why any hackers are caught at all If this was done from a hotel, there would be no way they could get caught.

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    Well they could trace it to the room, then the autohirties can call the hotel and see who was in there at that specific time !

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    But , he was using a fake ID!

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    But , he was using a fake ID!
    Then he wouldn't have got the room in the first place.
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    nirvanist6 any thing can be traced no one cant be but their are things you can do to stop it like delting log files using a stolen isp account and using some one elses phone line or hacking from a pay phone you can connect to some ones phone line from right out side their house and do what yo uneed to do then they would track it their and you could live miles away or they could track it to a pay phone, not much help for them. these are some things you could do to keep from getting caught but most people who get caught or who you see in the news for doing a DOS attack on a big web site are mostaly scriptkiddies the other are just hackers who dident want to leave their comferts of home behind wile they have some fun hope this explaned it all for you.

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    How many open wireless networks are there in the world? 1 million, 2 million......... I could walk down the block 100ft and probably get on one. To be anonymous is pretty easy, even from the goverment.
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