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Thread: antipoints, how secure are they?

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    antipoints, how secure are they?

    hi all,

    it has come to my attention that some people have lots of antipoints, but almost no posts.

    i can't give any examples at the moment, but just watch.

    isn't it possible for 2 friends to continuously assign positive antipoints to eachother and then assign negative ones to any other user?

    example, i've seen a couple of members with 10-20 points and more then 300 antipoints. then when i look at the posts they've made, the only thing they have posted is questions, nothing else.

    this shouldn't be possible....

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    The only time that happens is when there is an "AP Alliance". Those are closely watched for by the mods and admins and swiftly dealt with if discovered, so I wouldn't be concerned with them.

    Most of the time, you're looking at an older member who acquired APs long ago, and perhaps who is posting less often nowadays.

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    Yea I suppose it is possable for two members to assign point to each other. Or maybe they are just well known on the boards from a past account, and have friends giving them APs. Not to sure. Also its possable that the point are legit and they are asking really good questions or people are just being nice.


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    You are not allowed by the AP system to assign points, positive or negative, to the same person within a certain number of assignments. Ie, say I give someone some positive points for a post, I wouldn't be able to assign them any AP's for some X number of assignments to other people. Granted, they could of course randomly assign points to others and then come back to the same people, but AngelicKnight is right, the admins do keep an eye on this.
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    hi lepricaun

    it has come to my attention that some people have lots of antipoints, but almost no posts.
    Are they Old accounts or new ones...............I think AP's used to hit harder earlier............... Double to what they do now ..............The AP Rule has changed Twice...........So might have been easier earlier to get to that 200 something with a few hits.... than now.........But there are peole like Error who had more than 500 AP's and 2 posts ........and the two posts were tutorials and both high quality .........

    And there are people who got banned and then returned ........and were welcomed with AP's by their friends

    So not sure what accounts you looing at......... if you suspect foulplay no harm in reporting then to Admins or Mods......and let them check it out .

    --Good Luck--

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    Lep: It's entirely possible that the poster makes good posts.... You're better off reading the content before you decide that they don't have enough posts to have that many AP's...
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    Myabe your talking about |gridley| and from what I've seen he is a old member known as noOdles.
    When he came back a few people probably welcomed him back.
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    wtf is with people and AntiPoints? I forgot, the more little green gif's you have, the bigger your dick is. If people abuse it, let the ****ing admins handle it, and do not ****ing worry about it.

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    albn, you have to remember a lot of our younger member take APs more seriously than the rest of us do. It wears off with age.

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    It all evens out in the long run. Accurate helpful posts and writing tuts is a good way to acquire positive APs. Providing something new, that is written grammatically correct, is real important. Remember you are writing to the world, everyone can see it. On the Tutorials, read the written guides before posting the thread. Have a Senior or Addict proof read it for you.

    And sometimes even a short paragraph will reap APs as well. If it is of high value, such as new exploits, flaws, or anything that will benefit the masses or even a few folks; you could see a multitude of APs.

    Didn’t mean to get off on a tangent…

    I believe the mods are doing a darn good job keeping all us hooligans in line and stowed in the corral. Sometimes they need to use a cattle prod or even a nuke, but hey, when correction is required, it is administered. So I wouldn’t be too worried about abuse either.

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