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Thread: McAfee releases VirusScan with intrusion prevention

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    McAfee releases VirusScan with intrusion prevention

    Antivirus software company McAfee Inc. said today that a new version of its VirusScan Enterprise software contains so-called intrusion-prevention features that can protect computers from attacks such as buffer overflows, which are often used by viruses and worms to compromise vulnerable Microsoft Corp. Windows machines.

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    Incorporating A/V software and some form of an IDS solution? Sounds pretty wild to me, I'd want to investigate and test out those "intrusion-prevention features" before anything else. Especially if they're talking about preventing buffer overflow attacks.
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    McAfee! From my very first computer to my current one; they have let me down. I have been effected several times running their so called problem solutions of AV and firewall. But I have never had a problem with Nortan AV or their new internet security package. But their<mcafee's> ideas are interesting and good. I would like to see mcafee improve and stand up to their security name.

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