My mom asked me what I've been up to lately so I sent her a link to the only tutorial I wrote here on Ao. She knows I'm into computers but she didn't know my obsesion with learning about security and this site. O well she sent me a newsletter from MIT that I guess she's subscribed to. In it there was a link to this article.

As described above, NP computers seem like magical things that could never exist today. But that might not be the case. It's easy to see that there exist many NP problems, includingócode breaking and factoring. But nobody has ever been able to mathematically prove that it's impossible to solve all NP problems in polynomial time on an ordinary computeróin other words, that P is not equal to NP.
Do you think the computers that The_Jinx pointed to in this thread:
Or maybe quantum computers:
might be the starting point of NP computers?