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Thread: Urgent help !!

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    Urgent help !!

    Im going to be honest, my 49yo dad watch´s porno sites on te net! period.

    He does that when im not around, or when he is in his own computer, that is networked with mine.
    I have firewall, and so has he but the issue is this, i use Firefox ( great great browser ) and he uses I.E ( his windows XP Pro is Uptudate with all the paches ).
    The reason i let him use it is because its in Portuguese, and he doesnt know shi* of english.
    I tried work a way with him to use Firefox but he´s just to lazzy and doesnt know "what that button says, what´s that message? etc etc..." and i cannot say to my dad "ok, dont wanna use firefox? dont use the net" cause, he pays the bills doh.. :P

    Sooooo...what is the best PopUp Killer ( i dont mind the money it costs... ) at this moment?
    I should install Norton Internet Security and make the firewall block porn sites but..hell..its his fun, and..he pays the monthly fee for the net so...im sickin tired of re-install his windows and have security compromised... the sites he normaly see are, just to name a few,

    amandalist.com, dianapost.com, xxxforest.com etc.. those sites are a menace..they simple have links to sites that highjack I.E and install spyware etc..like Internet Optimizer, weathercast etc..

    I just finished a comple fresh install of XP (again) in his pc so, my patient gonne out and i came for help ppl!

    Thanx alot, this comunity is Top !

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    Install service pack 2 for popups, and change the settings in your security zones to disable scripts.

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    Or better yet, don't use IE to explore the web. Use something like Mozilla or Firefox, it has had built in support for pop up blocking for quite a while now and if something happens to the browser, the most privelages the exploit would have is whatever you are running it at (unlike IE).

    I also use Agnitum Outpost that blocks alot of the more annoying ads (like I never see the add on the front page here for example). The learning curve is higher, but to me it is worth it.

    Frequent use of Spybot and Adaware should also happen as well. I would also considering adding dns entries to your host table for those sites that redirect it to
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    man, if he wants to se p00rn, it is not you that will block him

    if its a windows xp pro:

    1) dont give him any priviledge (admin never)
    2) dont allow him to disable norton
    3) install an anti-spyware
    4) pray
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    Thanks for the advices, they are helpfull!

    Im going back to work tomorrow and i will only come home sunday night...i just hope he doesnt screw things up till then, only then i will have the oportunity to make all those changes..

    Im thinking on moving out to a Linux system, i will buy some books and try to learn has much has i can, and then i will make the jump

    Im the youngest of this family, someone has to make something to "invite" other software, other than Microsoft..

    Even Microsoft CEO uses Firefox lol..read it somewhere in Blackcode.com

    Take care ppl

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