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Thread: Spitballs!

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    Question Spitballs!

    Ok. Here is an article from Fox News about Zell Miller's speech during the RNC. I haven't forund a transcript yet. So what are your diverse opinions? BTW I thought that "spitballs" line was great.

    <EDIT>: Found the link to the full transcript.
    <end Edit>

    COLUMBUS, Ga. Georgia Sen. Zell Miller (search), the Bush campaign's most famous Democratic attack dog, ripped into John Kerry (search) Saturday as an "out-of-touch, ultraliberal from Taxachusetts" in a speech before Georgia Republicans.

    Miller, the lone Democratic senator publicly backing Bush, commented in remarks prepared for a Bush-Cheney grassroots event, held in conjunction with the state Republican convention.

    "I'm afraid that my old Democratic 'ties that bind' have become unraveled," he said.

    Miller said the nation is more secure with Bush in the White House.

    "With John Kerry on national security, it's vacillate, retreat and turn over to the U.N.," he said. "With John Kerry on domestic policy, it's tax, spend and redistribute income."

    He called Kerry's Senate voting record on national defense "shameful," declaring that Kerry voted "against every single major weapons system that won the Cold War."

    "The man now wants to be the commander in chief of U.S. armed forces? U.S. forces armed with what, spitballs?"

    Miller said Kerry's handlers are trying to soften the Democratic candidate's image and depict him as an average guy.

    "Look, John Kerry couldn't find Main Street with both hands," he said. "You can't make a chicken swim and you can't make John Kerry anything but an out-of-touch ultraliberal from Taxachusetts."

    Miller, a lifelong Democrat, was Georgia's governor from 1991 through 1998 and was lieutenant governor for 16 years before that. In 2000, Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes (search) chose him to succeed the late Sen. Paul Coverdell, a Republican.

    Miller won election that year to the balance of Coverdell's term but announced last year he will not seek re-election.

    In 1992, he was a strong, early supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton and delivered a nominating speech for Clinton at the party's national convention.

    But he has ruffled the feathers of Democratic colleagues since his appointment to the Senate, siding with Republicans on virtually every key issue and writing a best-selling book in which he accuses his party of being out of touch with Southern voters
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    I'd use Puff the Magic Dragon, because as far as I can remember, it was an AC47 loaded for bear during the Vietnam war.


    Nowadays you have 'Spooky' a C130 Hercules adapted to the same side firing spec:

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    I voted for Puff, aka the"Grim Reaper" Scroll down to view Nose Art
    AC-130H Spectre
    AC-130U Spooky

    I heard this ship can place a 25mm bullet in every single last square foot in a football field in a single pass! I also heard they can lower the propeller speed for silence.

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    Originally posted here by !mitationRust

    I heard this ship can place a 25mm bullet in every single last square foot in a football field in a single pass!
    That was true for Puff, as I witnessed in Nam. But try not to be in its flight pass, because those bloody shell casing hurt like a Modder Flecher when they fall on you.
    \"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO - What a Ride!\"
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    Hmm. The major weapons that won the cold war...

    What won the cold war for us was the greatest lie ever told to the world by a sitting president. SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative, or "Star Wars". We didn't have the tech for it, President Reagan told the world that not only did we have it, we were using it already. The Soviets believed us, end of cold war. "Mister Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!" - RR

    I'm curious though, to win a war on terrorism you must kill terrorists. More are born every day. When President Bush declared war on terrorism, I was flabbergasted. How do you *truly* fight a concept and win? It's kind of like fighting communism, had we declared war on it...

    Oh, I'd vote for spitballs, teeth, fingernails, and whatever else it takes. The only good terrorist is a dead one. I'd kill them most heinously, in the most inhumane methods possible given the choice. Death by starved kitten, or fire ants, or a John Kerry speech.

    Puff the dragon still works and I can verify proudly served us in Desert Storm. Amazing what a vacuum assisted high speed gatlin gun fired from altitude will do to enemy morale, isn't it? Kinda pretty by night.
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