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Thread: intel 2200 b/g driver not connecting

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    intel 2200 b/g driver not connecting

    I have recetnly deleted all of the preinstalled drivers on a laptop and have installed the driver from intels website ( http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scri...l&submit=Go%21 ) and wirelessly connected to the internet. So I go on the internet and scrummage around a bit without creating a profile. But, when I restart the computer and try to connect to internet again through the same wireless point I am blocked. I have looked around in the documents which are downloaded with it and I have discovered a random but helpful piece of information "...and will not let another connection occur with the point unless a profile is created...). So I create a profile and I still cannot connect to the internet. One final word of advice for anyone willing to suggest information si the fact that I have absolutely no encryption or passwords on my wireless link. So the question is, is the problem with my wireless point not being configured, something missing from teh profile, or perhaps another problem entirely? Thanks for any help.

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    Well getting rid of the pre-installed drivers was not the best thing to do. They would have been installed by the manufacturer for a reason, ie, they worked.

    I suggest you go back to the manufacturers web sight and re-download and install the drivers they reccomend.
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    I think jinxy is giving good advice...........

    As a general rule you should always use the drivers from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as they will have been tested with the configuration that you have. Only as a last resort should you use generic drivers from the chipset manufacturer, and a VERY LAST resort, one from Microsoft.

    Well that has been my experience

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