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Thread: PDF of an Internet Ethics book

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    PDF of an Internet Ethics book

    Hey i am looking for a good PDF of a newer Internet Ethics book that i can read and get some reasearch off of for a school project that has to be 10 or more pages long. does anyone know where i can find one? or have one that i could use? Thanks a lot ill look back later im gonna so search google for a bit more

    Thank you for all replies

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    google is a good option!

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    Ethics, that is an interesting thing to think of. What area of Ethics are you looking at, What's unethical or what's ethical. I might have a couple links around, that talk about what you are required to do by ethics.

    Though so you know, your paper might turn into, an arguement. When your dealing with ethics, what's ethical to one person isn't ethical to another person.

    I can give you an example. If I PortScan your box, is that ethical or unethical? I know people that will say, that, that is unethical. I personally think there is nothing wrong with it.

    Being Ethical is pretty much a note, on what the majority thinks. Remember though, that the majority isn't always right, look back in history, it tends to be that more often than not, the majority isn't right, and Congress, if your in America has to change there minds.

    Good Luck. If you need some help or something let me know.

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