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    Well, i think both IE and firefox are great tool. IE seems to work well with my palmtop and other connectivity options. I use it for Intranet seems to have least problem.

    While firefox is what i normally use for browsing and searching for information. It give me less headache, it has less popup (except asking whether i am hungry for cookies) and wont change any thing is my computer without asking me.

    I guess that is the most important especially for newbie like me to have a clean system and least surprices

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    Originally posted here by fyrewall
    There are just times when people need to admit they are beaten (llike microsoft with internet explorer).

    They need to acknowledge and admit it is a piece of **** and then they need to get rid of it and start exporting something like firefox with their OS's. Clients would appreciate it and it would save them flogging a dead horse.
    Last time I checked, MS held the marketshare?

    I'll check now.

    Internet Explorer has held more than 95 percent of the browser market since June 2002, and until June had remained steady with about 95.7 percent of the browser market, according to WebSideStory's measurements. Over the last month, however, its market share has slowly dropped from 95.73 percent on June 4 to 94.73 percent on July 6.

    Use some common sense. +90% market share. Who in their right mind would drop a product with 90% market share. That's just ridiculous that you could possibly suggest that MS drop the IE browser. That's like telling McDonalds to stop selling burgers because it promotes obesity.

    Disable scripts in your browser. It's asking for trouble no matter what you choose to use.

    And MS: Fix the browser. Which they have improved on in SP2.

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    Hi Pooh, Hi undertaker. Mmmmmm American like french fries too? I am Chinese but sometime i like Pizza and at times prefer KFC, SuShi, KimJi also. How about Korean, Pooh?

    Ever try a running a software called staroffice on windows platform? I mean microsoft and the rest of the world, each have their strength and weekness. Lets not argue too much over it

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