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Thread: RedHat 9 installation

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    RedHat 9 installation

    ok i have a question when i go to install redhat 9 on my computer before i can install it i have to hit f2 to get into "more options" and set linux to install by a lower resolution that is 640x480, because if i dont and i let it go and try to install it says "out of frequency range" and i dont understand this. After installing redhat i went to display and tried to change the resolution to 800x600 and it said out of frequency range also. I just dont understand why my computer cannot support the OS at a higher res than 640x480. Here are my system specs

    AMD Athalon 2400+
    512 MB DDR PC2700
    40 GB Western Digital
    Default Compaq monitor
    S3 ProSavage 32MB DDR, Integrated Onboard

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    I checked Redhats website, looks like ur video device isnt compatible with Redhat


    when i installed redhat i didnt have any problems, i have a GeFroce2 64 MB, maybe its hardware related! Try borrowing a video card from someone or so...
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