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Thread: Free Virus Protection? Does it exist?

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    Post Free Virus Protection? Does it exist?

    Hello all,

    First, let me say that I am new to AO so hello to all. I was wondering if anyone can recommend to me some free virus software preferable not shareware. I recently downloaded Panda antivirus software but it kind of feels that its taking up a lot of resources. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Originally posted here by Und3ertak3r
    AVG - www.grisoft.com

    That is a start
    Hey Hey,

    Not only is AVG free... It's one of the better solutions out there (free or commercial)...

    I see hundreds of computers at the helpdesk I work at.. I install AVG on any one that I service... We've had norton machines come back with viruses, Mcafee machines come back, eTrust machines come back.. yet never has an AVG Machine had a virus on return.. It could be the user... but I like to think the software is better.. It has yet to fail me..

    Although my friend was just telling me about NOD32.. He said it was free, but the homepage seems to disagree.. He did however speak rather highly of it..

    Anyways get AVG.. sit back and enjoy

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    Yeah AVG rocks, also it has of most simple update procedure, rarely does it need to restart computer when updated. It is fast too.
    You can also try antivir at www.free-av.com
    I used it some time back but switched back to AVG for it was easy and best.
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    I'd have to agree and give my support to AVG. It has done well. It may not be the prettiest programme to look at - but it certainly does the job
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    Google for it and you will find all the info you need!

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    I hate it when people reply with "google it". If you don't know, then don't post.

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    // too far away outside of limit

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    I'm coming down in the AVG camp here....it has been flawless in the YEARS that I've been using it.
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