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Thread: Free host intrusion prevention system

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    Free host intrusion prevention system

    Prevx is allowing free downloads of its home office HIPS (host intruison orevention system) product. I am not sure how good it is, but it might be useful to play around with and for anyone who wants an additional layer of defense.

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    Looks interesting. Downloading my copy right now! Thanx.

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    Well... It seems like it's Winpatrol "on heat"..... It's a basic "change protection" monitor but I will have to reserve judgement on the buffer overflow protection. That basically requires an OS change as in the SP2 for XP... Which they warn you about when you try to download. I have it running in alongside Winpatrol.... Let's see what happens....
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    I also have it running at this time. I wish my daughter had come over this weekend to really put it to the test.
    I was installing Works Suite on XP Pro and Prevx kept detecting a Potential Intrusion attempt, and Windows installer is violating security setting.

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