I'm just wondering, what other company does what I did Thursday night/Firday Morning.

I get a call from a client saying that their users can not log into their SQL server database. This is at 2 p.m.

I am able to walk them through the problem on the phone and do fix it however they call back 3 hours later saying its not working again. So the company asks if I can fix it that same day.

Now this company is in Florida and I'm in Arkansas.

They send their private jet for me. I get into Florida at 11 p.m, Fix the problem leave Flordia at 3 a.m and get back home at 5 a.m just in time for a 8 a.m class

Now tell me what other kind of company has that kind of service???????????

btw I have a site up for my comapny.

Now mind you I haven't changed the page title and I still have TONS of editing and customzing to do on it, but its a start.


btw: That number under contact us is currenlty not right. I'm getting a different' line put in soon for now I'm gonna put my cell number in there tommorrow