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Thread: Not a Security Question

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    Not a Security Question

    Hi there, everyone. This is only my second post to AO, so take it easy on me.

    As I stated in the subject text, this is not a security question, but I thought I had a better chance of a informed responce if I made my post to this forum.

    My question is does anyone know of any company who make workstation PCs which are, primarily, designed to run the Linux OS? I am aware that the Linux OS can be installed on almost any PC, although then you have to go to the trouble of installing Linux and uninstalling Windows.

    So if anyone could provide me with the name of a company which make PCs, primarily, for the Linux OS, such as SGI who make their PCs with the Irix OS in mind, I would be very grateful.

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    His links are probably a little better. This seems a little low end for the price.
    And here's a harddrive from mandrake that comes preloaded with mandrake :P
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    Well, you can buy a computer with a preinstalled Linux Distro. However, there are a multitude of advantages to installing it yourself. First and foremost, early on you will get the opportunity to become acquainted with a *nix environment and can customize it during installation, adding only the things you may desire or need. You wonít get that liberty if someone else installs it for you. Additionally by installing only what you want, you will be saving valuable disk space and providing yourself with important exposure to some key elements of what makes it tick. Granted, just like almost all other OSís, there are Linux distros out there where all you do is toss in the CD, press enter a couple of times, and bingo itís installed. But I am really thankful I didnít learn that way, not only with Linux, but the MS OSís as well. Iím one who is very inquisitive and wants to know how it works. Even when the new versions come out, I always do a custom install. Why? Without becoming at least somewhat familiar with it, what are you going to do during patch time, if you want to add some software, or the darn thing takes a dump?

    I guess a first time install could be frustrating. However AO is packed with a multitude of step-by-step instructions on how to install many different OSís. So you donít have to go it alone.

    So hereís some Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists that you can use check to see if your existing hardware can be used with a Linux OS if you decided to go that way.





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