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Thread: Mic in msn messenger

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    Mic in msn messenger

    Mic dont working in msn messenger on one not protected win xp comp.
    can it depend's on some spywares or virs that able to attak msnger?
    i was traing to reinstall "extern" and i uninstalled inbounded msn messenger.

    in yahoo and skype mic working perfekt but in msnger no.
    all settings is OK, good configured.

    mic is combo with usb "logitech zoom" webcam

    what and how can disable mic?
    when i configured setting was evrything ok but when connecting, dont working.

    is it exist some "3rd party" or some software that can remove and clean all msnger entries and files?

    ===this OS===
    win XP home
    today updated
    no firewall or av installed or enabled and no proxy
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    Is it latest version 6.2 you are using as there may be some issues with updated windows and old version of messenger?
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    have you checked here:

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    no firewall or av installed or enabled and no proxy
    may have nothing to do with your current problem but i would fix that first - google for

    Outpost Firewall
    and ACG antivirus

    both good both free


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    make sure your video card drivers don't have a built in mixer program keeping your mic from working. some auto-mute the mic until you change it. Do a search for mixer

    but i dont know... just guessing.

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