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    I hope you taught him what an AV was and how to use it... gawd 1000?
    Might want to double check your own machine just by placing it within 20 miles of the infected one. Jeez.
    Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

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    He said he had an AV and doesn't know what happened to it (we can only wonder). But, I configured AVG so that it auto-scans every night at 11:00, so that oughta help. Resident Shield is running on it as well.

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    Did you back up his XP CD and registration code like I said? Remember not to use it unless he comes back, and you should be fine. He will be back. Anyone who can have that many Viruses running around will do it again, just give it time.

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    Blast! I KNEW I forgot something! I kept a copy of his files that I backed up in case he needs it restored again, but I completely forgot to backup the cd...that was a great idea you had there too...Well, defintely next time then.

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    I know this is impossible for you to do if you are fixing OTHER computers, but it sure works nice with just one. Spare hard drives, download all stuff to them, export IE favorites to them, and backup really important stuff on DVD... Then, when your comp is screwed, fresh reinstall is fine, because you can get all your stuff back just like that. Works for me everytime, unless I accidently format it or something. (HAS HAPPENED)... Just an idea for people who like reinstalls. Sucks when you have to reinstall NFS: Underground tho.

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