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Thread: gmail invitation

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    gmail invitation

    hi all
    i have a problem with my gmail account.
    i have just recieved an invitation for free gmail account from my friend.
    i have just registered for it.
    but there are no invitation links in my box.
    why is it so?
    what should i do to have it?


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    *shrugs* if its not a legit invite or its already been used, it wont work.

    however, here is a link that will get you one (remember if someone grabs it first you miss out)

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    Do you mean, "Why don’t I have invites to give out now that I have signed up for grail?"? If this is your question it is because the invites are doled out in some seemingly random amount of time controlled by the nice people at Google. Don’t worry, eventually you will get some invites of your own to pass out

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    CybertecOne he did mean why he doesnt have any to give out....

    I think they give them out at random now, why ? because my first account i had for a month and i used it a lot and finally got 6 invites to give out, my second account i had 2 days and only 1 mail in it and i got 6 invites to give out !

    So looks like its randomly now !
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