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Thread: video capture software

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    Cool video capture software

    any suggestions guys regarding video capture software?
    post pls.

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    It might help if you post a bit more info:

    What make CamCorder ?
    What OS ? You try getting any for W2K..........
    What quality level do you require for the end product ?
    What skill level would you like to use ? entry level [me] HiLevel [Spielberg]
    What budget do you have ?

    I've posted more in 20 seconds then you in your request. So it's hardly a time constraint that stops you from doing it.

    ps: Adding that little bit more will enable those who have details, to make up their mind as to whether they WILL "post pls"

    As a starter for ten:

    Whatever your Cam is JVC, SONY, PANASONIC etc, go to their website. Just Google for the brand name, hunt for the help / contact link.
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