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Thread: Web Tracing, is this possible?

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    Web Tracing, is this possible?

    Hi ppl!

    I whanted to know if its possible to detect were a web site is hosted? if its IP is "france" or "spain"...because i have international limitations of traffic so, i found a site in wich i whant to download a 227Mb file and i whanted to know if its really located in my country ( Portugal ) or now..they have a forum and iv send an e-mail to the webmasters but they didnt replay...:\
    A web tracing way or any other way to know if the IP of the site its national or someway, i dont know jack about this :\

    I dont have any free trafic hours with this ISP

    Internet Connections in Portugal Sucks!!!!!

    Thanx in advance!

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    or Download NeoTrace


    it gives you a visual ( on a map) where its located !
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