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Thread: CERT Recommends SP2 But Urges Caution

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    CERT Recommends SP2 But Urges Caution

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    i heard if you have any adware/spyware running on you system at the time you do the update the system will freeze. with the amount of folks getting infected daily that know jack-diddlie squat about adware i really cant see how ms can recommend keeping auto-updater turned on.
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    does anyone know of any new hidden spyware within service pack 2, i mean - **** that collects info without blatantly asking?

    For instance, windows media player did or does have something like that.. ?

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    And this auto-updater is no good also, It failed to notice service pack for .net framework for good two days till i had to use same old windowsupdate website in same old fashioned way. And same was case with SP2.
    Now that's something ridiculous, isn't it? as it was mentioned as 'only way ' to get update.
    But it do have a good feature of resuming broken download, i like it.
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    I dind't have any problems with it saying I needed to update the .net platform. Did you go to the other updates besides SP2 option?
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    muert0, that was his point. He was saying that he needed the update for the .NET framework and the updater didn't realise that he needed it. That meant that he had to go and manually download it.

    (Don't know anything about it...just clarifying)


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    As i understand it WU scans the registry to see if you have applied the update.

    This flawed as you may have installed another program that has actually over written one of the updates .dlls and WU would not recognize that you need the update again.

    Last I heard was MS was working to coorect the problem with dll comparisson software such as HFNetCHK by SHAVLIK actually does the dll comparission ...returning more "accurate" results.


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