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Thread: Again... What are your hacking achievements?

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    Again... What are your hacking achievements?

    Shrekkie started a thread regarding your hacking experinces. What are some of yours?

    My experiences? Very little. I have changes some scripts and ran some scanners against myself. I like programming stuff in Delphi and PHP, albeit on a low level.

    **hugs Shrekkie**

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    I.. um.. well... tied my shoes.. and um... hacked the FBI web server...

    Nah, I'm really just a tard with no talent and 0 'accomplishments' at all.. I learned how to use a computer at a very basic level and currently learning how to run Windows ME on this great and amazingly fast Celeron I have. Damn Windows is hard. =)


    I forgot to mention that having 2 entire threads dedicated to me in Addicts and quite a few directed entirely at me in GCC qualify as 'accomplishments'. And who can deny that being banned at AO .. 3 times? I think? Isn't impressive... common! =)

    I pwn you.

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    What are your hacking achievements ? {the follow up}

    But do you go to a locksmithing forum and ask "So how many of you have broken into peoples homes?"? No, of course not.
    You could go to that forum and ask if they know how to lockpick and if they have done that.
    It would be a legit question.
    Same goes for asking the members of the NRA if they fired a gun (instead of if they killed people).(It would be a rather stupid question imo though).

    Furthermore I dont think things posted in this thread would qualify as evidence to anything. Perhaps if you state 'I have hacked into the pentagon on 'this and this date' with 'this and this' technique, they might start an investigation after you.

    Offcourse I agree with the one that posted 'when it comes to hacking dont be a blabbermouth' (no exact quote).

    As far as my achievments (mischiefments perhaps) go:

    When I was in (the dutch equivalant of) high school we used DOS and Win 3.11. There was no security there so there was not really much to break. (grades werent on the public boxes)

    With Win 95 I got more educated and learned how to remove the start-button (this is the funniest shiznit ever).
    select the start button and press escape, make sure the start-button has that dotted square around it. Press ALT and - (the minus sign), a short pop-up comes up and you are allowed to CLOSE the start menu. Had great fun with that :/ (only works on 95 though)

    With this came offcourse all the things Ankit Fadia got famous with (most notable: change the start button title ). I also did things like removing the 'document is too big for notepad, do you wish to use wordpad' annoyance and the sorts.
    Got a bit into breaking software protection schemes but was never any good at it.

    In the NT era, public computers became more widespread. As did group policy. I had my share of gaining CMD-shells on public (kiosk) machines where I wasnt supposed to. Then I bacame highly civilised and realised I shouldn't be messing with other people's comps because it might mess up stuff, getting myself in trouble, and I got myself some more boxes.
    Got into home testing and hackergames (wargames) (im no that good ).
    Lost a bit of interest in the security game (since year in year out its 'terrorist are gonna criple the net).

    Im still watching and experimenting.
    Tried to keep up with the IE faults and even maintained a site about it for a while (its gone now).

     c:\ > mkdir "\...."\
    Thats all folks

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