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Thread: Problem With AVG FREE Version

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    Problem With AVG FREE Version

    I recently downloaded AVG Free Version, tried to install, and it never gave me a serial key like its supposed to in my email.. so i tried again, and again. Then i emailed the company, read their faq, etc and still no key. this was 6 days ago.. their faq has no help for me at all. And no i dont have a spam filter set up, yadda i know the drill been around the block a few times.. just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem.

    No key, no installation, and i tried random crack sites to get a free key but alas i couldn't get one to work. The serial is supposed to come to you via a trigger by clicking the download link, but it never worked...

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    I tried the same thing couple days ago, same problem, never got my serial number !


    try that one ! Maybe it'll work !
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    er0k, I ran into the same problem a couple of weeks ago. I never could get a key, so I just went to Avast and am using their free AV.
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    I often get the download e-mail and no product key e-mail from time to time (I always slap AVG on clients' computers so I've gotten very familiar with the installation process). Sometimes you have to request the key a second time from the website, but with a little persistence it'll come through.

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    Here is another key: AVG-1-19411305-YKF

    Hope you get it working.
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    ANd try this one also if any of above don't work , it worked on both me and my friend's computer

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    thanks fellas

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