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Thread: Yahoo email insecure?

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    Yahoo email insecure?

    I have 3 yahoo email accounts. I posted what's wrong with my email before. It was as follows:
    "Hi everyone, I use yahoo email and every time I sign in with the right password and ID, it doesn't show my mailbox. Instead, it prompts me for my password again and again. The only way I managed to sign in is by re-enter "mail.yahoo.com" into the address bar. Then it leads right to my mailbox. Why is this happening? Does this mean my email is being hijacked by someone else? Thanks for your help"

    Now I'm having the same problem with my other yahoo account. A girl who was once my friend said her cousin is in the IT industry and he can teach her how to hack into yahoo accounts (ie, obtain their password). . There's no that lock showing at the right of the taskbar, which is present in secure emails. At the time, I said this is unsavory to do, which probably offended her. But now I wish I had listened, as it would save me from worry and confusion.

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    I don't know much about hacked accounts but one thing i do know is that there must some problem with your cookies setting because if ur account was hijacked it will show you are logged into other machine or computer or password is wrong(if your hacker changed it).
    Thats all I can infer from my knowledge.....
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    i dont believe your account has been hijacked. however, i also dont know exactly what the problem is either.

    so i would suggest you see if any settings have been changed in your browser... make sure you are going to the correct yahoo page the first time you try (just incase its not the yahoo page) and if nothing changed, get a different browser and try that. if the other browser doesnt work, i could say almost definatly that its server related and hence Yahoo's problem.

    recommended browser: Firefox......
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    And if your current browser is IE, try one thing go to internet options and delete all temp files and cookies from options on first screen. also check box ' delete all offline content'. see if it can take care of your problem.

    by the way i will also recommend firefox.
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    I dont think you account is highjacked.If you think so, just go to your yahoo account setting and change your password.

    Well the problem could be :

    your browser is not checking for new version of web page :

    on iexplore click on


    internet options

    click on settings

    and make sure the radio button on every visit to the web page in ticked

    also on intenet options

    click on delete files to clear the old files.

    hope this works.


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    its not been hijacked or hacked in anyways bec if it does, you will not gonna know it (unless a wannabe hacker does it) bec they wont leave any footprints in doing so,

    I agree with them, just adjust the settings you have under internet options and clear cookies and cache..

    theres no harm in trying anyways


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    haha, this is funny, all the intelligence on AO, and none of you guys play around with Yahoo. I have fun by trying to see how good someone's code is, and playing around with the settings.

    As it has been said a million and one times your account has not been hijacked.

    Let me ask you a couple questions. Do you have SBC as your ISP?

    When was the last time that you logged into yahoo through the link on the www.yahoo.com page?

    I am assuming it's been a while.

    I am assuming that your problem is simply that you aren't using the normal account, you have some kind of different Yahoo account. If you have certain kinds of accounts, you will have to login a different way. I think this all changed or started to happen around the time that Yahoo, changed to 100mg inboxes.

    Answer those 2 questions for me, and I will get back to you.

    Oh and you other guys, I highly doubt it is anything to do with his Web browser just simply because, I know this person is smart enough to try and see if they can access there email from another machine not just there own.

    Because if they aren't I think I am going to turn into my ******* side.

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