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Thread: Outlook Express and SP2

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    Outlook Express and SP2

    Has anyone had problems with the new XP SP2 download and Outlook Express? I have received several support calls/complaints where the individual could not send email message was that POP3 server could not be found. All had Internet access, rebuilt the account, checked passwords, etc. and all should be working but is not. Only common thread was the fact that they all installed SP2. Any help or advice?
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    Any chance they have a firewall (that's not the Windows XP SP2 one) which has component control and is blocking Outlook Express since it was updated by SP2?


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    We have a handful of guys that use outlook and haven't had a problem with SP2.

    The only thing I can think of off hand is if their outlook is updated to OE 6.0 w/ SP1.
    I checked the updates in SP2 for outlook and they have a few new things going.

    They have a windows firewall that automatically goes up on all your network interfaces.
    here's the link

    This thing can make a lot of programs not function correctly. I didn't see Outlook Express on the list and you would think that Microsoft wouldn't block that but, it may be worth a try.
    Here is the link to change firewall settings for SP2. link

    Hope this helps

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    I remember when microsoft had discontinued the production and or support of outlook express, if you want i can try and search and find ya a link and post it, but maybe microsoft didnt care if sp2 interfered with outlook express's workings, but like the others said check the basics of the firewalls. can you connect to the email from another computer that isnt sp2? can you connect to the pop3 account via telnet?

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    Anti spam, Anti-Virus ... any sort of mail filtering program on the machines?. if these are on the MS SP2 will break list. disable and see how it goes..if theres not disable and see how it goes..

    Failing that: Is it possable to install another mail client to eliminate possabilities.. hmm reinstall OLEXP..If the user is doing it..then best to go with a different mail client.

    Undies thought of the hour: what works on one setup may not on another.. sometimes just the difference of the version of just one device driver is all that is needed for a software problem..

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    My tech did not tell me exactly which AV program was the culprit but I believe it was McAfee. Could not get OE to send mail with any configuration. Eventually uninstalled SP2 and all is now well with the world. Sound like the service pack to me. Thanks for all of your input.
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