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    how can i configure my d-link modem on fedora core 1

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    A few things before we should answer him:

    1. An internal or external modem?
    2. USB, PCI, or ISA slot modem?
    3. dialup (ie 56k) or ISDN?
    4. Do you have a windows partition as well as fc1, or is it only fc1?
    5. What is the make of the dlink modem? (such dlink DFM560 voice fax)

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    Also, I see you're new here and you may get some negative feedback for posting in the wrong forum.
    You should look look at your question before posting and put it in the forum it belongs. This question most likely goes in the hardware forum. Here's a link to the FAQ. You should read through it a little bit before going much farther on the forums. I hope you post back the info on your setup soon so we can help.
    Or you can just start here:
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