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    Hey guys, I remember a lil while back when they came out with IPv6 and everyone would be messing with it ect ect... now, i havnt exactly noticed much in the way of IPv6 in the last few months.. has this new protocol been abandoned, or is it still being worked on?

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    IPv6 is still very much in the game... It will take a while before it is completely implemented. All the companies and ISP's around the world will have to be ready for it before a worldwide update can happen. You can install it on your home network if you would like.
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    It has never been abandoned. I actually am studying on how to use it..there are bunch of patches to get the IPv6 apps enabled..

    from what iv learned so far, you'll never get lost since there are some sw that will translate the version of IPv4-IPv6..


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    There was a recent discussion here on IPv6, that may be of interest to you

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