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Thread: Hackers the movie?

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    Hackers the movie?

    I was watching this movie called "Hackers." Some of it seemed fake, like when they put these virses on these company computers, it made it do something to the phone. Like all of the lights flashed as if 10000 people where calling at the exact time. Nobody could use the phones. This seems fake! Is it, how could a virus do that? This question has been stumping me for a long time! Please help me!

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    I dont know if there are viruses that can jam the phone lines but i do know that the movie hackers is basically fake the systems admim in real life doesnt really see rabbits hopping on screen and eating the data things like that but one thing good about that movie is angelina jolie !!!!!

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    The movies is kind of fun to watch, but inaccurate as hell and not very realistic. Don't read too much out of it.

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    Well, although I do not focus on the "hacker" side of things I will take a stab at the question. I believe it is possible to create a "virus" like that. Maybe not that exact same way, but I know that there was a man who jammed all the telephone lines to a radio station so he could win a Porsche. So it is possible.

    The movie is very inaccurate a good watch though.

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    It theory a virus could do that. Given the way communications work. The likelyhood of a virus that powerful are slim to none, but that doesn't mean it could never happen.

    The movie itself I think its funny and yeah, way off, but I think the writer of the movie was very creative.

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    I wish all hackers looked that sexy *whistles*
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    but I know that there was a man who jammed all the telephone lines to a radio station so he could win a Porsche.
    Didn't Kevin Mitnick do that to west or east Los Angeles (not sure if it is LA) to win a couple of grand on a radio competition or something !
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    Copyright you might be talking about :

    Kevin Poulsen, Ronald Austin and Justin Peterson who in the year 1993 were charged with conspiring to rig a radio phone-in competition to win prizes. The trio seized control of phone lines to the radio station ensuring only their calls got through. The group allegedly netter TWO PORSCHES, $20,000 IN CASH, AND HOLIDAYS IN HAWAII.
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    Noo it was a book about Kevin Mitnick some girl and some other guy hacker.... i think the book is called CyberPhreak ! or CyberPunk .....
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    That book was written by the FBI team that caught him. As for the radio stations, there isn't a PBX in this city that isn't locked down with a strong password. Pretend your the water meter guy and have laptop ready.
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