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Thread: MythTV

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    Question MythTV

    I did a search on AO for MythTV and couldn't really find what I was looking for. If there is a thread with this info on it let me know.

    I have a few questions about MythTV.
    I have to be honest I heard about it for the first time yesterday.

    1. What are the pros and cons of MythTV over TiVo?
    2. Is it really more expensive than TiVo or is that just starting from scratch?
    3. How hard is it to setup/maintain?
    4. What are the capabilities of it?
    5. Is it worth the time investment verses the perks?

    Any other cool info about MythTV would be appreciated.

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    I think the MythTV documentation page is a good start ?

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    1. MythTV lets you have both a computer and a TiVo type appliance. You can get a wireless keyboard/mouse (provided you have the Linux drivers for it) and use it as a full fledged computer. You can stream MP3's throughout your house. You can check your e-mail. And you can upgrade your disk space by buying another hard-drive instead of a new unit. Plus, no monthly fees to use your computer. Just TV/Cable/Satelite/Etc fees for your TV service, if applicable.

    2. If you have a spare computer laying around, you could buy a Hauppauge PCI TV Tuner Card "WinTV PVR 250" for under $150. This is a good hardware card that offloads MPEG compression from your processor, letting you run on a somewhat older/slower computer. If you have TV-output on your video card, you just need the cables to plug into your TV and/or Home Theater system. Generally, it could cost more if you start from scratch though.

    3. There is a LiveCD system in the works @ http://mysettopbox.tv/knoppmyth.html that might get you started quickly. It can install everything needed quickly and easily. Just have a hard drive to install it to, or use a spare computer. It also have a LiveCD front end that lets you use another computer to connect to your MythTV server from any computer without installing anything.

    4. Pretty much anything you can do on a computer, since it is one just running a program that makes it easy to burn stuff to DVD or record shows, etc. Most TiVo appliances don't burn shows to DVD in a way you could share it with friends.

    5. If you need to watch TV enough to make it useful, or you have a huge music/DVD collection yu want to see anywhere in your house quickly, it might be worth the convience after everything is set up. It depends on how much TV you watch, and how much you end up missing I guess. Personally for me, I don't use it enough to warrent my own HTPC server, I would just record the occasional shows on my current computer to watch myself. But I don't get any TV reception, so that isn't happening either.

    Note: I don't use MythTV. Currently, I don't use a Linux box as my daily computer either. Too busy for all of that...

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    I already printed out the documentation page and read through the actual MythTV site, but it just gives you setup instructions and a whole lot about the new updates.

    Thx though

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    timaxe thanks for the info that link is really good,

    I will probalbly just use this to tinker with, it is actually a friend of mine that is gonna put a system in his house, he is already wired with GB ethernet through his house, so he is a few steps ahead of me.

    Anymore info or links are appreciated

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