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Thread: A Google Instant Messenger?

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    A Google Instant Messenger?

    I've seen quiet a few rumors and posts on various board across the internet on Gmessenger ? What do you think of it ? True or just Rumors ? I think it'd be cool to have a GMessenger ! I know i'd use it !
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    If google would be working on something like that they'd put up a beta on http://labs.google.com/ as soon as possible. I didn't hear any rumors about a "Gmessenger", and I don't think they'd be able to be very competitive on that market.

    If they did develop something like a "Gmessenger" it would probably be able to use other protocols like MSN or AIM because I don't think lots of people will be prepared to switch to a messenger which they can't use to contact their friends on MSN.

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    I haven't heard the rumor, although it would be somewhat interesting of an instant messenger application. Like Soda said, it might be kinda like Trillian, incorporating all IM instances into one because many won't wanna lose their friends on MSN/AIM/Yahoo/etc.
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    Hey man, I didn't say nuthin'.

    Even if it were true.... It's just another way for Google to spy on you.

    Although I don't really care if they do... their search engine is worth a little bit of my privacy.

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