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Thread: Jotti's Online Suspicious File Scanner

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    Jotti's Online Suspicious File Scanner

    Check this one out..


    Jotti has set up an online scanner that scans suspicious files with multiple scan engines.
    He has just recently added avast! and mks_vir (and reset the stats to be fair)

    No ActiveX required, just a browser with JavaScript.

    If something new is found, it will be submitted to the various AV companies.

    Currently it's scanning with Antivir, avast! , bitsdefender, clamav, f-secure, kaspersky and mks_vir.

    typically, it might take up to 45 seconds to scan a file but that's not too bad considering all the engines it's using.. And the fact that the server isn't the fastest around but hell, I think this link is a keeper..


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    Another online virus scan by my new favorite AV.

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    Thanks for the links hopelesslyhopin and Soda. I'm going to definitely bookmark the both of them and use them frequently.
    Space For Rent.. =]

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