I have been more of a hardware/networking guy. I do networking building computers, repairing, upgrading, the whole nine yards. Well now im in college majoring in Computer Information Systems, soon I will start programing. Now this is sort of new to me, a while back I messed round with "darkbasic" and the only thing I really know how to do is make a couple batch files. Now what do I need to buy or download or read? What would give me a nice head start before the class starts. Curently im taking a Microsoft Office 2003 class.... man oh man does it suck. Chapters one and two are all about opening a file, I feel like my brain is being put to the test to see how long I can sit there with out spazing out on the first person who says "Which button is to exit out". But I guess I have to take this class to keep moving up in my major.

Thanks Jason