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    Hi(gh) to everyone

    Hi(gh) to everyone in this forum,

    I have just joined the forum and I'm making my first steps with softice...(which was very hard to trace)
    I found here the NT version and can't wait to go home to c if it runs on my win2000 pc.

    I welcome EVERY tip or trick that you (more experienced rookies-users) may have....

    dr. ganesha

    p.s. If you are or know a good "security expert" in greece (athens) I would like to get in touch with....

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    Is it me or does this read like one of those Nigerian bank scam e-mails?

    I wonder if dr. ganesha is the non refuted heir to the king's sum of $200,000,000 American dollars.


    Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
    Our scars have the power to remind us that our past was real. -- Hannibal Lecter.
    Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. -- John Wooden

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    Smile Hmmm....

    Yeah, I can see how you might come to that conclusion thehorse13.

    I suspect it's more to do with their grasp of the English language though. Coupled with being very new to these kind of forums. Having typed that, there's not much to go off in their profile.

    Then again, maybe that's just me? I like to give people a chance. Not saying that your not by the way!
    Tomorrow is another day for yesterdays work!

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    Hoss: I dunno.... Sounds more like some aging hippie cult leader to me, (hi(gh), LOVE'n PEACE and dr. ganesha)..... Made me laugh a bit too..... I think I can picture him.....
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
    \"A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools.\" - Thucydides

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    OMG! You guys are terrible

    Give the poor guy a chance... he has only posted twice, now he probably will never come back...

    uhm, whats he talkin bout anywho?
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    When death sleeps it dreams of you...

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    Thanks muert0, I was going to green ya but I guess I did in a previous thread. I will check it out.
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    aeallison ,

    SoftIce is commercial debugger and very expensive... Ollydbg is a free/shareware app and is amazing!

    You can get it HERE

    It can be a bit much to handle with out a Tutorial so look: here

    Dyn/Gnosis ~ Powerful/Knowledge
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