I'm am currently taking Computer Networking classes at my local College I started in this program in Jan 2001 and will finish in APR 2005.

I have always been interested in computers and how they work since I was very
young althought I never had the oppertuity to assemble/disasemble (sp?) a
computer until 2001. Around 1993 I started to loose interest in computers;
I started to become interterested in Accounting. So when I applied to college
in 1995 it was an accounting program I enrolled in.

At first I found it easy after a few semesters it became annoying and then it became hard but I did not give up I kept trying. But eventually I just could not get my head around some of the cources by Jan 2000 I was Fed up and decided to try and enroll in a Computer Studies program at My college

(Computers being the only other thing that really held my interest)

I appiled in Feb 2000 but got turned down for the September 2000 semester because of how late my appliction was. So re-applied I was accepted for the Jan 2001 semester.

So I have had a lot of catching up to do,