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Thread: How long is it?

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    aeallison, here's my take:

    Should we ban these folks again as we learn of their return?
    Not always.. take d0pp for example. He wasn't a bad member really, he asked to be banned.

    Would it do any good?
    Nope. My proof? One word.. MemorY. (sorry man, but your the poster boy for this)

    Or do you feel (as I do) that we should give them the opportunity to redeem themselves. Then neg the sh*t outa them if they screw up again?
    Yup, I feel as you do. Let the community self-moderate them as well.
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    When MemorY first came back as Nemory he was a huge post whore and only trying to get AP's and people realised what he was all about.. however he is back now and behaving (I think) and I have no problem with him anymore.. good luck to him

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    I just plonk the post whoring returnies and or generally annoying useless posters.

    The fact that someone can check to see who ignores them makes the feature a good repellant. Please, more people use this feature as it could be quite effective.
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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    Negative's post confused the hell out of me until I read a little farther down. The ignore feature works quite nice but I could see it making a lot of threads in GCC confusing as hell. I think we should all just move on to something else besides the banned member thing It makes them feel special.
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    Should I post in this ?
    My noODle account got banned a while back.
    About 9 months ago from the moment of posting. Around new-year.
    I got banned because I had 2 use accounts (noODle & Cerveza).
    I created the Cerveza account to be a newbie on this site again initially.To see the difference it makes when one posts with one little gif or with 11 little gifs (including the shiny ones).

    I never possed myself with these accounts. (perhaps or not mods can check this).
    Its quite surprising to see what remarks the newbies on the site get.

    Around the time I got banned the 'non-sence' thread was making alot of noise on the different irc channels.
    In the holiday spirit I decided to single handedly try to close the non-sence thread .
    I started (iirc) with the noODle account from the first post down (till the 'no more ap's today msg appeared), logged out and continued with the Cerveza account from the last post up negging everyone. (or was it the other way around).
    I even posted in the non-sense thread to state what I did.
    Next time I tried to log in my account got banned.
    Signed up for this account to search threads for information on why (since there was no warning/email nuffin). Found out that it was because of AP abuse in the non-sence thread.

    I took that. Did not complain. Did not troll.
    I did not even check AO for a couple of months.

    After a while my fingeres started itching. Started reading posts again. Posted a roll call message and linked to it from IRC. I got greens for stating 'hello' in a thread called 'yo'.
    I decided not to post for a while, just observe. Perhaps a sporadic post.

    Then I asked intmon if I could have my account (noODle) back in an open thread.
    He told me it couldn't be done.
    I have peace with that.

    Do you plan to be a benefit to AO? Or are you back simply to cause more trouble?
    I would say (apart from the incident) noODle caused no trouble and has been benifitial to AO.

    I thought that would get your attention, nice title eh?

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    I don't really care a whole lot, except for those morons who keep making accounts just to troll.
    Check out some of the older threads.
    The ones where negative gives it to them

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    the way i see it is this.

    1) we welcome them back for the second, third and seventeenth time and help them along.

    2) we welcome them back for a second and after that permanently bann them if they screw up agan.

    3) we just throw them out.

    in either of those cases, they WILL return if they want. its just a matter of wether they state they are those old member or not. if we dont welcome former member back, then they will join and will not tell us who they used to be.

    lets assume someone was banned joined up and we didnt know... and we noticed that this "new" person is causing the same and just as similar trouble, we cannot ban this person becase they are similar to former troublemakers... thats just prejudice.
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    Your info states: Registered: Aug 2004
    You had a previous account as well or is it a bug ?

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    IMHO, every wolf suffers fleas, tis' easy enough to scratch.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
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    Awwww.... I feel so special, I wasn't really a bad member.

    IMHO, there can't be a set in stone rule for this. Each case has to be judged individually.

    Sometimes, it takes people a long time to learn.

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