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    try booting into safe mode and logging in as administrator, with the password you would have put on during the install. if you didnt put one on, there is no password...


    if you are able to login safe mode, and then try with the account that wont work. you know, perhaps its not something malicious but M$ entirely.... XP has been registered properly etc??

    i really dont know, it just a really odd thing. have you tried a repair?

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    i attempted a repair....now NTLDR is missing. so i have to mess with the recovery console and make some sort of attempt at restoring it. if not, then it's back to square one. thanks for all your replies.
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    You can create users remotely as a domain admin.

    You need the admin kit. You can either buy the book... or download the admin pack.


    After you load it, log in as a domain admin. Open up the active directory users and computers program from your administrator tools menu. Thats all there should be to it.

    If you did not activate windows 2003, it will automatically log you off when you try to log on.
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