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Thread: Linspire for Free!!!

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    Linspire for Free!!!

    DeviantArt.com has teamed up with linspire to announce a new wallpaper contest with the 3 winners getting a host of different prizes

    but one other thing they are offering is a free copy of Linspire 4.5 to all deviantart members -> http://news.deviantart.com/article/15965/

    Its completly free no cedit card needed etc
    I'm currently downloading a copy as we speak - you do have to sign up with Linspire.com but all you need is an email addy


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    It cost me about $150, but it was imported, came in nice boxes, with pretty manuals, loads of extra software,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I am looking at Linspire as a serious "off the shelf" challenge to M$

    (watch the negs flow after that )

    Seriously, I think that Linspire is the way to sell open source to your "granny"............perhaps that is why the linux crew hate it?

    They lose their self-appointed 1337 status?

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