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Thread: this is starting to tick me off..

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    this is starting to tick me off..

    Ok, I dont know what's wrong but, whenever I do a full scan for spyware I use a variety of programs. Adaware, Spybot(shuts down when I try and delete stuff it found), and Spy Sweeper (http://www.webroot.com) and I find all the stuff, delete it. But I still get pop ups? Happens when I'm not on the net, so I reboot and scan again. and more spyware shows up? anyone have any ideas?

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    reboot in safe mode, and scan again.

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    You posted this in the spyware forum { http://www.antionline.com/forumdispl...s=&forumid=677 } which is the right place for it.

    Now just read some of the threads with in this very forum and all your questions will be answered. It covers prevention, removal, and even some technics to fight back. All you have to do is read a little.
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    You could try using a pop-up blocker....and a firewall while you're at it. You should still scan from safe mode every now and then though....gets rid of the really nasty ones. Also, I believe Ad-aware is capable of running upon boot before any other program in windows is loaded. That's helpful.

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    Do you have cable/dsl? If you have a constant broadband connection and are running Win2000/XP you should check to see if the messanger service is running. This will generate pop ups even when you aren't browsing.

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    I would definately do a reboot in safe-mode and run these progs.

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    i had the same problem on my box, like mentioned before all i did was restart in safe mode ran ad-ware and it got rid of all my problems. good luck with that

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    There are somethings (malware) that AV's, trojan scanners, and spyware scanners like ad-aware and spybot just don't find. (yet) It might be best to download hijackthis and attach your log to a post in this thread. Read (search forum and google ) about getting and using hijackthis. hijackthis is not just for eliminating hijackers, it can see stuff (malware/trojans.. etc) that is new/unknown. DON'T just go deleting the stuff that hijackthis shows.. many entries will be valid entries. Once you've posted your log, someone here.. groovicus, meeeeeeee and a few others (myself included) can help you with what should be deleted.

    edit: the fact that it shows up again after a reboot suggests that we'll find an exe or dll file that's in the run (at boot) section of your registry. sometimes, you'll even see an entry in your msconfig startup tab.. do not simply uncheck the stuff from that area.. unless your doing it just to see what's what.. you'll need to leave that stuff enabled when you go to run hijackthis so that hijackthis can see it.. in addition, you should set up windows explorer to show hidden files.. sometimes if the malware has set itself up as a hidden file, hijackthis might miss it.

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