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Thread: IP Pass through

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    IP Pass through

    I have a Westell DSL modem with a static IP Address. I recently set up a wireless router, Motorola, and it work well, but here is the problem, I can no longer access the desktop through ftp due to the router. If I pull the router out of the set up and ftp to my static IP it works but once the router is on nothing. Will setting IP Pass through work for this or am I just SOL. I have tried contacting Motorola tech support but if they can't find it in there on screen guide they are lost? Any ideas?

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    I wouldn't recommend using IP passthrough, it applies to every port and IP and you are just asking for it by enabling this.

    Most routers have the capability to either setup a port trigger or a DMZ host. You essentially say that 'if I see a packet destined for port 21, forward it to this private IP address (which would be your FTP server)'. I would recommend approaching it this way.

    If that fails, you could try the DMZ, which would open every port up for the FTP server IP (not good), but at least leave the rest of your network a little hidden.

    With IP passthough, every computer on the network would be open for every port.

    Hope that made sense and I didn't gloss over it too much.

    PS> I read this from the standpoint of you just want to be able to FTP again to your server. If you were basically trying to get the Westell out of the picture, then you could set your router up to do PPOE (or whatever your ISP requires for your DSL, most are configurable) and your Westell up for IP passthrough, then only one device would be actively filtering the packets, but you will still have to set it up to pass the FTP traffic.
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