Recently a friend of my in class had a fresh install of win xp pro. We needed if for setting up a apache/php/mysql machine for our classes programming and database.

He surfs to the site (warez)

naturaly pics up some ad/spyware.

Only this was a nasty kind of breed. Most prominant was changing the desktop to some item telling him the computer was infected (really ??)

No name was given. A link led to a site telling him to pay money for a spyware/adware remover.

Spybot S&D, Lavasoft Ad-aware Se, CWShredder. were defensless. (updated and all)

running them in safe mode or normal mode didn't make a difference. But unlike normally even though we dind't surf at all. We seemed to be picking up more stuff.

Spybot and ad-aware were removing stuff and when whe ran them again there were new things installed.

We decided to go and do a LOW level format(okay maybe thats a bit of overkill). Then reinstalled windows.

This bit of adware interesst me because its so agressive.

I'm setting up a virtual pc and see if i can get it in there to see what the damn thing is doing. Lets see what it turns up.

Anybody else getting very agresive peices of spyware and adware ?

-Take care...