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Thread: Server side java

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    Server side java

    We are moving from a Apache, PHP MySQL application system to Apache Tomcat MySQL system. Running Fedora Core (not SELinux version). Also using SUN java not the RedHat version.
    What IDE's work best? or worse? Looking at Netbeans, Eclipse and JBoss.
    Thinking MySQL will be ok, but IBM released an embedded java db to Apache, Informix I believe. Anyone have any experience with it. This is the very beginning of this project and we are not even sure if we know the questions to ask.
    Switching because 150 networked PC's are dragging down the performance of the PHP system. Database is on a seperate server.

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    I would say if they're all free test them to see what you like. For java I normally use JBuilder, which is at version X (10) now. If you download the foundation version it's free. I have never used any of the ones that you listed. The only other one I have used besides JBuilder X is JCreator, which is a pretty nice and simple IDE. It gets the job done. both are free. I say you run through them all and pick what you like best. If you hate them all there's always vi or notepad and command line compiling. I use that too, but JBuilder has me hooked. Peace.

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    Eclipse is pretty good, but it doesn't do JSP. There are lots of third party plugins to it which make it do JSP. Some of these are ok (but variable).


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    I've tried all three and for user functionality, I like Netbeans the most, the IDE provides you with everything you need, has a easy way to manage all your project files. But there is a small downfall that my friend I have both noticed when coding in Netbeans... that once in every blue moon, it decides to take a dump on us and not update the class files after compiling them so we don't see any change in our programs... we've learned that rebooting fixes it but we're still not sure why it happens... but despite this issue (happens rarely), I still say go with Netbeans.

    As for part 2, no, I have no expierence in larger scale projects like that. Sorry, I"m just a retard. =(

    - dave

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    Thanks for the help. Going to take a look at JBuilder :^)

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