Program I just started work on as a bit of practice for seeing how well the user's CPU handles big time load. It's not complete yet, but do you guys think the code so far will work out? Or shall the C++ gods shun me for creating a program with bad syntax?

/* Disclaimer:
*** I am NOT responsible for ANY damage to your CPU or other computer components
*** WHATSOEVAR if you compile this program and run it. This applies to any
*** computer that this is run on. If you don't think your computer can handle it,
*** then the simple answer is: Don't compile and run this program!*/

#include <iostream.h>
#include <string.h>

//The variables that will be used:

float fltCpuCrunching = "0.2374103572389719948327591531"
int nTrillion = "100000000000"
string szY "Y"
string szTheAnswer
int main()

           "This program will test out your CPU big time. It's advised you have/n";
     cout << "a good heatsink and fan. If you're on a Dell, it's not advised you run this/n";
     cout << "for risk of overheating your CPU, as most Dells lack a fan on the HS./n";
     cout << "Ok, type Y to continue... ";
     cin >> szTheAnswer;
      switch (szTheAnswer)
          case 'y' : cout<<
                           "Are you ready to ruuuuuuuumbleeeee?"; goto burnination; break;
          case 'n' : cout<<
                           "Goodbye."; goto end; break
          default : cout<<
                          "Try again. Press /'Y'/ this time, ok? ";