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Thread: Mothers Against Maddox

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    Mothers Against Maddox

    Well it has finally happened. Mothers hate http://maddox.xmission.com ... what is funny they do not stop to think there is such thing as first amendment rights, and should be real parents and watch what their kids see instead of putting up some shitty web site yapping how hateful Maddox is.

    I like Maddox and everything, although I may not agree with everything he says, it is his web site and can say whatever he wants to.

    I hate censorship.

    And for those of you that bitch this isn't computer related, in advance


    Oh read the petition signatures... it is funny as hell....

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    Have seen far worse comments.. I hate to say it i agree with some..

    maybe this is what they are upset about...
    let's stop using the phrase "I'm not religious, I'm spiritual." Every time I hear anyone call themselves "spiritual," it's just after they mention astrology and just before I land a flying elbow to their ovaries (as anyone who believes in astrology is undoubtedly a woman who needs to be punched in the crotch).
    But I have to like his 13th star sign.. Wel thats what I'm going to call it..

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    That's hilarious. What a waste of time. I have no fear of anyone on the internet corrupting my children, since I actually take the time to know what they are doing on the internet. Amazing that a piss-ant little satire site like that could garner so much animosity... I guess someone fears they aren't being capable enough parents now doesn't it?

    I gotta laugh. It just shows you what happens when people take themseves too seriously.
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    I saw that this evening, and all I can say is... wow... and I thought I was stupid at times.

    If you take everything that Maddox says seriously, then that says something by itself now, dosn't it?
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    Who the F*** is Maddox?
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    I am opossed to one line posts but .... LOL.
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    I've never really looked at his website until just now but this is the funniest thing I've read in a while.
    # Hire untrained school kids to man your staff, because I like being told that the swap file on my computer is "pretend memory." Being talked down to by crater-faced sales staff is a humbling experience, and the phrase "pretend memory" is awesome. It makes me want to pay you pretend money for the pretend advice I received from your staff with pretend technical knowledge.
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    I was at this mall the other day watching some shitty documentary when I came out of the theater and saw old people dancing to country music in the courtyard. I couldn't remember the last time I saw a group of people begging this hard to be aborted.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    So the guy has a sense of humour..............his site is satirical? not much wrong with that IMHO

    The only people that would get upset by that are the same people who believe in, and trust politicians

    I would certainly abort them

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    Read the section about his car, and the section about diciplineing children... Maddox is funny as hell... If mothers really give two shits about their kids, the kids wouldn't have access to that stuff in the first place.
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