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Thread: "For The Souls that We Lost"

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    "For The Souls that We Lost"

    Greetings everyone. I was just speaking to my good friend who makes Christian music and poetry and he told me he had wrote a song for September 11th and I listened to it and loved it. I just wanted to post the lyrics to it (it's sort of a poetry-type song) here at AntiOnline and see what you all thought of the lyric's. I'd like to (as well as Dan, of course) dedicate this to those who died three years ago.

    Out of darkness, there will be light, if we don't give into the night.
    We can choose a pathway to peace, to honor the souls that we lost.
    Love is patient and love is kind. There is still more love left to find.
    We can live for all that is right, to honor the souls that we lost.
    We will never forget, all the souls that we lost. We will serve in their memory.
    We will never forget, all the pain and the cost, of the hatred that came on that day.
    Love your neighbor and love yourself. These are the things that fear won't allow.
    We can rise and answer the call, to honor the souls that we lost.
    For the souls that we lost that day, we can choose to live the right way.
    Let's continue our quest to believe in love, and then we can cast out the fears that we have.
    We will never forget, all the souls that we lost. Never forget.

    Let us never forget those that died 3 year's ago. Let them live on forever. Rest In Peace, victims of 9/11, this is "For The Soul's that We Lost".
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    what a nice song..here in the Phils, we also grieved on what had happened last 9/11 and we are also against terrorist..I hope these problems will be at least resolved

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    This peom made me remind what I read somewhere in a book
    " Life is so short, even love remains fulfilled, who has time for hatred"
    but these terrorists have just use lives for something that gets them nothing and cost others everything.
    It\'s all about sense of power.

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