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Thread: Problem During Windows Update

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    I uninstalled the update and downloaded it again but still no sound.

    I downloaded the program but when it scans my computer it crashes.
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    To my understanding M$ stopped doing up-dates for win 98 se ( security wise ). It sounds more like a driver or hardware issue. Have you tried reinstalling drivers for the card ?. If they dont work could be a hardware issue ?. But drivers are usually the problem especially in win9X if not a driver or hardware issue reply back could be a faulty PCI slot ? but my guess is driver issues

    peace hope everything works out do you ahve the driver disk/make ?
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    Recently I had to reinstall a sound card driver knocked out by an update.

    Acer Travemate XP Pro.
    Automatic Updates enabled.

    User said the sound just stopped working.

    Went to Acer...downloaded the latest driver and installed......all fixed.

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    Hey it works now i found the cd that had the drivers on it so i reinstalled them and now they work. Thanks everyone.
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