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    if you want to be sure to have as little chance for a keylogger to do that, then you must be sure there is no service automatically starting up which might be a keylogger, so disable all services which aren't of use to you (or at least all not microsoft) unless you know what they are for..

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    well that answers my quiery thanks for takin that trouble.and sorry for the lisleadin post

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    one more question though...........

    when you start uo the computer u come to a screen where the computer asks you to press ctrl+alt+del and put in yur user name and p/w .isn't it

    .now my question is will the keyogger be able to log the key strokes then?if yes then how.?

    as far as i think it will not be able as windows does not give access to write in the hard disk with out any autthorisation ,

    we have have to be logged in for the keylogger to start ,isn't it ?

    and by the way do you have any keyloggers for other os like linux , and free bsd ? coz i nvr heard of anny

    iam googling it rite now .

    aah found some



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    I could be wrong, but I think he's asking if the process could be seen in the task manager.

    The answere is yes and no. Some key loggers use actuall win32 dll calls that show up in the task manager anyway. Others can actually hide from the task manager.

    Hope this helps...
    Atlanta, GA

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