Hi Guys,

Sorry to burther you all but I really need help from Gurus of Linux Redhat OS on (Fedora Core1).

I am new to Fedora Core1 (Redhat) but not bad with windows. I one day a friend gave me fedora core os to set as a DNS server to my newtork, which i did and getting fun with it. But what I dont get right is, how can I stop people from sending ICMP, mail relaying, etc from that os (FC1)?

When I was using my window systems, I filtered all that is coming in and out of the network and my network was okay that time... As i set that FC1 as secondary DNS to the window system, my network started to become slow and when i checked (monitor) my bandwidth utilization, I found out that I am transmitting almost 90-95% of my total bandwidth and that is not right (usual) to me....

Now, I decided to change back to my window environment till I find solutions and tips on how to make a clear system (DNS) from Fedora Core1 (redhat).

Guys advice please.