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Thread: Help on FC1 (Fedora Core1) OS

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    Post Help on FC1 (Fedora Core1) OS

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to burther you all but I really need help from Gurus of Linux Redhat OS on (Fedora Core1).

    I am new to Fedora Core1 (Redhat) but not bad with windows. I one day a friend gave me fedora core os to set as a DNS server to my newtork, which i did and getting fun with it. But what I dont get right is, how can I stop people from sending ICMP, mail relaying, etc from that os (FC1)?

    When I was using my window systems, I filtered all that is coming in and out of the network and my network was okay that time... As i set that FC1 as secondary DNS to the window system, my network started to become slow and when i checked (monitor) my bandwidth utilization, I found out that I am transmitting almost 90-95% of my total bandwidth and that is not right (usual) to me....

    Now, I decided to change back to my window environment till I find solutions and tips on how to make a clear system (DNS) from Fedora Core1 (redhat).

    Guys advice please.

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    For openers, disable SMTP on the Fedora box, that will stop the relaying issue. Second, as for DNS, you can configure your host (via wrappers) or through DNS config, to only respond to your primary DNS server for zone transfers and to your supported networks for normal lookups. Problem solved.

    PS, Fedora Core 1 is a POS, get Fedora Core 2 before too long.

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    You can get it from here:
    Make sure you verify the md5 sum first and here's instructions on how to do so:
    With instructions on how to burn an ISO here:
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    Okay guys, thanks for the tip and advice.

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