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Thread: C Obj file

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    C Obj file

    I have downloaded some files and source codes but when I compile there are errors. Header file missing, no obj file etc. I have put my BCC55 in another folder and downloaded file in another folder but both in C directory. # include header(xyz.h) seems not working and it is created by the site owner.Any suggesition?

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    Sometimes different compilers have different library files included etc., and the writer may have created some of his own and did not provide them with the source code. Addtionally some writers will deliberately tweak the code a little so that it won't work and you will have to show some intiative to make it work or require that you contact him. This helps deter....


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    Just for correctness, it's not "# include (xyz.h)", it's "#include <xyz.h>" And the ".h" isn't always correct. ".h" headers are not always ansi compatible (AFAIK) anymore, so you have to be careful.


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    I'd suggest you pick up a good programming/debugging reference for the language in question and learning more about how it works. You need to learn to flap your wings before you try and fly.
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